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Mar 24, 2015
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Desene 3D pentru produsele Gamm

Stimate Client,
ştiţi că e posibil să descărcaţi fişierele CAD a oricărui articol singular în format 2D?

Serviciul de descărcare este activ la cererea parolei de acces în Zona Clienţi, înregistraţi-vă acum. Suntem încântaţi să vă informăm că am început introducerea fişierelor 3D începând cu primul grup de articole. Roţi de manevră. Desigur a fost făcută gradual şi este posibil să mai găsiţi unele produse care nu au încă un desen 3D încărcat pe site. Dacă aveţi nevoie de un desen 3D şi care nu este încă disponibil online, sunteţi invitat să-l cereţi şi vi se va trimite imediat.

Pentru informaţii ulterioare puteţi să ne scrieţi la

Miltex Work station mats & Dirt trapping systems

Over 25 years experience in anti-fatigue matting, entrance mats and floor mats!

Miltex not only disposes of extensive know-how in matting but also offers Europe’s widest range of mats with anti-fatigue properties, and dirt-trapping systems.

The exceptional choice of different types of mats allows Miltex to offer the optimum solution for the requirements of almost all industries.

Not simply in such a way we are the European market leader!


Work station mats

Not every workplace is protected from the daily dangers: maybe oil drops fall on the ground, liquids leading to high slip risks or to hard floors, which means an enormous physical stress for the worker, which stands a long time on it- health-related absenteeism in company are the result.

Remedy are mats of the Miltex GmbH. The flooring specialist offers for almost every situation in the workplace the best fitting mat:

Dirt trapping systems

The first impression is the most important – first impressions begin at the entrance and last forever. With the Miltex dirt-trapping mats you can make your entrance look its best and leave a perfect impression. It is right here that the mats scrape off and trap undershoe dirt and keep the entrance area and the whole building a lot cleaner.

Entrance mats with aluminium profiles

The use of entrance mats reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. They also prevent dangerous slip accidents due to wet and wet soils. For dirt that is not even worn in the building must not be removed.

Depending on the local builings and personal taste you have at Miltex the spoiled for choice. For example the Eco-Line, which also supports the environment, the Comfort-Line with the special textile inlays or the Premium-Line, which is known for high quality processing
We take care of your individual clean entrance!

RS Office Products

A typical phenomenon of our time is, without doubt, the short life span of products. RS Office Products goes completely against this trend, always insisting on manufacturing products that are of high quality and that are durable. It was as early as 1986 that we introduced the first high-quality floor-protection mats made from polycarbonate into Europe
RS Office Products